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Revan & Reina (2018)

(High Quality)

Revan & Reina (2018)

Nonton Film Revan & Reina (2018) – Layarkaca21
Revan has been friends with Reina since childhood. Now, romance sparks between them. But, Revan knows that Reina is still thinking about another guy, Fabian. After three years, Fabian is back into Reinas life. Meanwhile, another girl, Dira, secretly loves Revan. What will happen to Revan, Reina, and Fabian?

Pemain: Ajun Perwira, Angela Gilsha, Bryan Domani, Fachri Muhammad, Irsyadillah, Kevin Ardilova, Kevin Bzezovski, Lavicky Nicholas, Meisya Amira, Rani Ramadhany
Direksi: Andreas Sullivan
Negara: Indonesia
Rilis: 29 Mar 2018
Bahasa: Bahasa indonesia